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What is a Vehicle Loan Rewrite?

A vehicle loan modification is a permanent, equitable and fair solution between you and your lender that changes one or more of the terms of a vehicle loan or lease.  A vehicle loan modification allows the vehicle owner’s loan to be reinstated and results in a payment that the vehicle owner can afford. This can include lowering the interest rate of the loan, extending the term of the loan, lowering the loan balance, other changes in the loan agreement and/or any combination of these.  A vehicle loan modification is beneficial for both the lender and the vehicle owner. When the lender renegotiates the car owner’s original terms, they insure that they will continue to receive their residual monthly payment from the vehicle owner. So before you allow your vehicle to be repossessed, make sure that you have explored all your options and give us a call.  A vehicle loan modification may arguably be the most effective tool you can use to save your vehicle from repossession if you are behind and have been impacted by a financial hardship.

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